2017: I Resolve to…

Okay – I’m going to be that annoying chick with the New Year’s Resolutions. Sorry, not sorry. The new year always makes me feel motivated to improve my life. A couple of these you would expect, but some of these are off the beaten path and hopefully I inspire you all to adopt these throughout the year. I’m including some images from my Instagram feed from 2016 as a snapshot of my year on this post as well. Lots from travels and lots with Eric! 

A few of my friends and I were discussing resolutions. Do they have to be year-long or do you just have to achieve it and be done with it? I think resolutions can be a mix of both. If you have a resolution to lose 20 lbs and you do it by June – you did it! But if you have a resolution to read more, you probably should try to keep that up all year. Not read one book and call it quits. That being said – that was one of mine last year and I definitely read 10+ books this year and love having a book to read right before bed. So relaxing!

  1. Eat better, work out more, blah blah blah – You know the number one resolution and it’s mine every year. This year I plan on trying to lose the weight I want by summer so I can feel confident on the beach/at the pool and wear that goal dress in my closet. You know what that is. Every girl has one. That one dress that fit you at your smallest and now you might be able to squeeeeeeeze into it or it just may not fit at all. But you know that it can and you know you look and feel fabulous in it. I am determined to do it this year and keep the weight off. Seriously guys – my eating habits towards the end of the year and my absence from the gym was no bueno. My plan of attack is to meal plan. I work in a place where we have a cafeteria. This cafeteria is convenient, especially when I don’t have time to cook before work which is often. I work at night and during the evening hours of the cafeteria they don’t supply us with the healthiest options. None that are quick anyway. I am trying to avoid this place like the plague. I am going to try to cook all my food for the week on Saturdays (my Monday, yes that is terrible but that’s a post in itself). I also plan on cutting out some things – white flour, red meat and unnecessary bread consumption. I love bread and cheese but I need to cut way back. I will not deprive myself though – these things make me happy so if I work out my planned 4-5 days per week, I don’t feel like having a little bread and cheese with some red wine is a total cheat/loss.
  2. Detox – Started out 2017 with the stomach flu – so that was a physical detox (only lasted 24 hours and it’s a nice clean slate…? Haha). But what I’m talking about here is detoxing the rest of my life, not just what I eat. I have too many clothes. It’s been this way since I was old enough to obsessed with fashion. But I really need to go through and purge some things I know I won’t be wearing – ever again (my goal dress can stay! I have hope everyone! It’s a pink seersucker strapless dress, so cute!). Some I might try to sell and others I will just donate. I’m also going to try the year rule this year. I will turn all my hangers around and in January 2018, if there are some hangers that haven’t been turned around it means I didn’t wear them and they have to go! Another thing I want to detox is negativity. It’s so easy for me to be negative whether it’s because of my job or the current status of the world, I really want to try to focus on good things ahead and little wins throughout the day. I feel like keeping up with number one will help me with that. Detoxing from negative thinking will also help me be a happier person, I don’t want my job or things I can’t control to change who I am.
  3. Learn new things – I really want to make an effort to try new things. I’ve already taken the first steps in booking a snowboarding lesson at the end of the month in Vermont. I’ve snowboarded before but I never really learned it properly. Eric loves to ski so I would like to be able to do this with him in the winter months so he has a mountain buddy. It will just be another thing we can do together. I do surf and skimboard, so snowboarding is the obvious next thing. But I don’t really like the cold… at all. I get cold easily even though I’ve lived in New England mostly my whole life, I just never warmed up to the snow and snow sports (heh see what I did there?). But in recent years I’ve come to appreciate the beauty of a fresh coat of snow and the wonderful things New England offers year-round, not just summers on the Cape (Chatham year-round is actually the best!). I want to learn new things in the kitchen as well. It could just be cooking with a new ingredient like lentils (I want to make lentil soup this winter) or a new technique. Learning something new at work also interests me. Working in social media we have access to a lot of creative programs, one being After Effects. I would love to learn how to do some basics because knowing more in that area will only help me in the future.
  4. Be the good in the world – Okay guys, real talk. This year I’ve seen things done in this country and around the world that are just deplorable. It has been said that 2016 is a garbage fire of a year and I tend to agree. But I believe 2017 will be harder. Trying not to get too political here (but I did graduate with a Politics degree from the same university as Nancy Pelosi so I wouldn’t just be spewing half-cocked ideas), but fighting for what is right and what people deserve will get harder and harder. As laws are repealed and needed services are defunded and the rich get richer – it will be more important for our voices to be heard. And, for the sake of trying to be more positive this year, I believe the greatness of this country will shine in the darkness. Poetry, art and music will be at its best because the inspiration of the message will mean so much more. I plan on speaking up against those who spread intolerance and hate anyway I can. This isn’t political. It’s just plain right vs wrong. Disenfranchising others because they’re different from you is weak. Treating others with respect and equality is strength.

There you have it. My resolutions for 2017. Here’s to hopefully keeping them and my sanity in 2017. Do you have any you’d like to share? Let me know!



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