Lynn Love with Trader Joe’s: Pumpkin Edition

It’s Fall and you know what that means… pumpkin! I’m one of those people that love everything pumpkin and my favorite place to get my fill is Trader Joe’s! They make almost everything pumpkin flavored, and that makes me a happy camper come October.

I bought everything I would potential make this fall/winter that I could – here’s a recap.

  1. Organic canned pumpkin – I love Trader Joe’s canned pumpkin. It’s organic and supports a family-owned farm in Oregon that grows… pumpkins! It’s so delicious and the price point is so reasonable. Like all things at Trader Joe’s!canned-pumpkin
  2. Pumpkin bagels – I know bagels aren’t the most healthy breakfast food, but every now and then I like a break from my Trader Joe’s whole wheat British muffins and what better than a pumpkin-y treat? The flavor in them is great, I just wish they were a little fluffier/thicker for an easier, more even cut when I put it in the toaster. But I love this on my days off in the morning with Eric and our coffee. pumpkin-bagels
  3. Pumpkin cereal bars – I take a lot of these type of items to work because I have zero time to cook during the week and it’s easy to grab one of these on my way out the door. The pumpkin filling is so yummy! It gives me a little treat around 8pm when I realize I still have about 6 hours left of my shift.pumpkin-bars
  4. Pumpkin cereal – I usually buy the Trader Joe’s low-fat almond granola cereal and then I saw this one when searching the shelves. Very similar to what I normally buy but with a pumpkin twist. No-brainer!pumpkin-cereal
  5. Pumpkin cranberry crisps – I buy these every year! I’m a big cheese person so I love when I find a new vessel for my dairy delight. I am also a New Englander through and through so the cranberry tartness in these is delicious! They pair perfectly with goat cheese or my all-time favorite cheese, Humbolt Fog. Can’t wait to bust these open with a glass of red wine. pumpkin-crisps
  6. Pumpkin harvest salad – I haven’t seen this skew in Trader Joe’s before so I was really excited to try it. Eric and I grilled some chicken to go with it but when I opened the bag to get the salad together, only the greens were in the bag! No pumpkin vinaigrette, no pumpkin croutons… just greens. I was so sad! We actually crunched up some of the pumpkin crisps and put our own cheese and dressing on it. It was fine but I wanted to try the complete salad. What a complete waste!pumpkin-salad
  7. Pumpkin waffle mix – Eric and I love cooking breakfast together. We usually just have eggs, toast, bacon and home fries – we love breakfast – but sometimes we want pancakes. Some friends of mine have bought this mix and love it so I wanted to try it out. Can’t wait for a chilly fall morning with Eric to test them out. Pumpkin and pancakes – sounds like a winner to me!pumpkin-waffels

I have certainly stocked up my cabinet with pumpkin deliciousness. I absolutely love fall and all these tastes and smells only enhance the season. Do you love fall as much as I do? Did I miss your favorite pumpkin item from Trader Joe’s? Tell me yours! Love to hear about it! 

Happy pumpkining! 




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