To Wellfleet and Back 

I’ve been going to Cape Cod since I was in diapers. My family has had a home in Chatham for about 35 years. Chatham is truly my home – I did some growing up there, I’ve lived there for multiple summers and have had some of the best memories in one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. Unfortunately the home that I grew up in is being sold – which is a long sorry maybe for a blog post in the future. This weekend was the last time my boyfriend and I could spend there. We knew this day was coming so this summer we made a point to be there as often as we could. This final weekend we decided to rent bikes in Brewster and bike all the way to the shore in Wellfleet. We’ve been on the trail before but not for this long of a distance.


We started our at the Rail Trail in Brewster in the morning. We decided to ride a little out of the way (10 extra miles) to ride through Harwich before we made our way to Orleans. We stopped there and grabbed delicious breakfast at the Hole In One. We love this spot with its neighborhood vibe and the reasonable prices. They bake all of their breads (amazing) and not to mention their own DOUGHNUTS! I’m not a sweet tooth kind of girl but I have to get one of their classic honey dipped doughnuts. So yummy! We also had about 20 more miles to go on our trip so I definitely didn’t feel guilty about indulging a little bit.

Delicious 😁😁😁

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We were in the middle of breakfast and looked out to see it started to rain! No! But we really didn’t have any other choice. We had the bikes and our car was 5 miles away! Decided to push on to our intended destination. It was wet and a little cold but not unbearable.

The rain let up halfway to the shore – hooray! When we previously had done the trail we went to coast guard beach. This time we actually accidentally missed the turn for that beach and kept following the path. So happy we did because the beach at the end in Wellfleet was actually a surfing spot for the locals. I’m a former surfer – not really by choice, if Connecticut had waves close by I would not have sold my board! I was totally stoked to be able to stand for a little while (that bike seat was not very comfortable) and watch the surfers do their thing. Because it’s technically the off season on the Cape, all the people there were locals watching whoever they knew catch a wave.

wellfleet-8We were sad that we had already eaten because there was this awesome makeshift RV taco shack. They were serving up enchiladas, gazpacho, fresh local veggies, guac – you name it! Looked delicious but we were not hungry after our big meal. After we admired the view for a little longer we got back on the road. We were had mile 22 at the beach and had to ride all the way back to mile 8 to the bike shop. It was tough (mainly because the bike seat was hurting a lot!) but all those Soul Cycle classes paid off. I was so proud of us! Our legs felt a little like jelly but we felt accomplished.

We went back and showered then decided to end the night outside on the veranda of the Chatham Bars Inn and talk about the future. Even though the home in Chatham won’t be an option anymore for us, we were happy to have so many great memories there. We then talked about what our future home in Chatham would be like and we’re starting to save now for our dream home.

Wellfleet vid from Erika Heyer on Vimeo.

Do you have a great memory from Cape Cod? I’d love to hear about it! Leave me a note – I love all things Cape Cod!  


Ending the day at the Chatham Bars Inn. Beautiful!




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