Lynn Love with Coffee: 7 Favorite Spots

It’s Monday. No one loves Mondays. No one even likes Mondays. But Mondays are for that morning coffee to get you going and to get stuff done. This Monday had me thinking about coffee and how just a couple of years ago, I didn’t drink it at all. Now I really enjoy coffee every day. It relaxes me and it’s something I can treat myself to at work when I’m feeling low, stressed or just plain tired. But drinking it at work and hanging out at a coffee shop are two different things. I love going to a café, getting a cappuccino, pop in some earbuds and be productive. Whether it’s getting work done, working on my blog or spending quality time with my boyfriend planning our next European vacation, cafes have relaxing vibes that makes you feel like your escaping home or your office for just a little bit. This is a list of my favorite places to go to get coffee no matter where I find myself.

  • Favorite coffee shop near me: Dom’s in Avon, CT

Dom’s interior design is so impressive when you walk in. They were nominated for a James Beard award for their design. Aside from that, they have fresh local cheeses you can buy to take home and a very cozy, welcoming space to hang with friends or work. They do not roast their own coffee but they server J. Rene’s that is in close-by West Hartford. They are a little more expensive than most places I go to, but it’s nice to go to every now and then for a little treat. Dom’s Coffee, 20 W Main St., Avon, CT



  • Favorite coffee shop in Europe: Marchesi in Milan, Italy

This might be the coffee/pastry shop where coffee became what it is to everyone. Very simple but extremely well-executed Marchesi’s is one of the oldest espresso bars in Italy. You walk in and to your left is the pastry counter with lovely little Italian goodies from cookies to chocolates. Then you walk to the right of the shop for your espresso. You stand (there are no seats at the bar), have your espresso and then pay the cashier on the way out. Very different from other cafes I’ve been to in the States or even France. Italians know their espresso, and Marchesi still do it the classic way. Pasticcerie Marchesi, Via Monte Napoleone, Milan, Italy

Marchesi (2)

  • Favorite iced coffee: Blue Bottle in San Francisco, CA

Blue Bottle’s New Orleans Iced Coffee is so amazing! I can’t say enough how much the chicory adds to the taste of this iced coffee. And the tough of cream makes it so decadent. I try to get one every time in SF, but fortunately for me Blue Bottle is also in NYC which is much closer. I have gone to the location in Chelsea many times bringing home small cartons of this lovely goodness. Blue Bottle is also a fabulous café all around, not just for their iced coffee. Their Mint Plaza location in SF has amazing breakfast foods and AFFOGOTO! Coffee and ice cream? Sign me up. Blue Bottle Coffee, multiple locations

Blue Bottle


  • Favorite coffee to keep and drink at home: J. Rene Coffee Roasters West Hartford, CT

I don’t always get to the café and I love having French press coffee at home on the couch with Eric, especially on the cooler Fall days approaching! J. Rene Coffee Roasters are the closest place near us in CT that roasts their own beans. It’s perfect for us at home but the café itself is also gorgeous, you can even see the beans being roasted! J. Rene Coffee Roasters, 320 Park Road, West Hartford, CT

J Rene


  • Favorite go-to coffee shop in Boston: Thinking Cup

I go into Boston a lot living close to the city. We usually try to make a day of it so the first thing we need is coffee. The Thinking Cup is perfect! They brew Stumpton Coffee which is great and have really delicious breakfast sandwiches and pastries all made fresh in house! I’ve taken family and friends here and they love it. There are multiple locations around the city so it’s easy to get to one. Definitely my go-to spot in Boston. Thinking Cup, multiple locations

Thinking Cup


  • Favorite coffee shop vibe: Barista Parlor in Nashville, TN

Needed to find a coffee shop when visiting Nashville last month, good thing one that was voted one of the best in the nation was close by! The vibes in this coffee shop were amazing. A converted mechanic shop with local art on the walls, freshly made breakfast treats with healthy options and they roast their own beans. I would love to come here for breakfast every day and just chill out. I did a little research and Dan Auerbach from the Black Keys (one of my favorite bands ever) has partnered with Barista Parlor. I knew I liked this place! Barista Parlor, 519 Gallatin Ave, Nashville, TN


  • Favorite coffee shop overall: La Colombe in Fishtown Philadelphia, PA

This location in Philly’s Fishtown opened not too long ago but I absolutely love this space. It is HUGE and has all the best things La Colombe has to offer. From their perfect cappuccinos to the draft lattes to even beer on tap – this is a haven for coffee lovers. They even have fantastic food to order like their mac n cheese or some delicious sandwiches! La Colombe’s drinkware is what really made me fall in love with them when I was first taken to their 12th Street location in Manhattan. They serve their delicious coffee in rare (and expensive) Italian porcelain called FIMA Deruta. La Colombe sells them once a year on their website… but good luck because they sell out FAST! I haven’t been lucky enough to get one for my kitchen but some day! La Colombe’s cappuccino made me a coffee lover. La Colombe Coffee Roasters, multiple locations

La colombe


That’s it! I hope you’re able to visit some of my favorite spots if you ever find yourself in these cities. You won’t be disappointed! What’s your favorite coffee spot or coffee you keep at home? What’s your go-to drink? I want to know! Leave me a line with yours.