11 Things as Seen in my Purse 

My fall/winter purse needed some cleaning out and changing over to a Spring style. I had to go through my items to decide which ones were essential to have with me always. Here are 11 items I can’t live without having in my purse. 

1) J Crew sunnies – Eric put these in my stocking this Christmas and they’re great! They are also unisex. I keep them in my purse to have on me when I leave my other sunnies in my car. They have a great look to them like the Ray Ban Clubmasters but for a much more reasonable price. Factory Retro Frame Sunglasses $14.50 Photo Apr 04, 2 22 10 PM

2) Altoids – I love these little mints. They are really strong and good in a pinch especially after coffee time! Altoid Mints, 2 Pack $3.49 Photo Apr 04, 2 22 15 PM

3) Burt’s Bees – Living in New England the cold air really dries out my lips and Burt’s is perfect for those cold days. I also have sensitive skin so my lips get burnt in the summer if I’m not careful. Burt’s to the rescue! Beeswax Lip Balm $3.30Photo Apr 04, 2 22 20 PM

4) Benefit High Roller Mascara – This was a birthday gift from Ulta and I was so excited because Benefit is my favorite brand of makeup. This mascara is perfect to keep handy for touchups after you get out of work or if you just need to look freshened up. I would go on and on about Benefit products I’m Lynn Love with but that’s a post for another day. Benefit High Roller Mascara (full size) $24 Photo Apr 04, 2 22 44 PM

5) Purell – Let’s face it, you can’t always find a bathroom to wash your hands. This handy mini-sized bottle is perfect for your purse. After I go out and get ice cream and my hands are a little sticky? Purell. After a hike? Purell. Purse essential for sure. Purell Flip Top 2 oz 12 Pack $17 Photo Apr 04, 2 22 50 PM

6) eos Lip Balm – Okay, I have two go-to lip balms but eos adds a little more gloss than Burt’s for when I need a little more glam than healing power. I have Sweet Mint right now but I also love the smell of Summer Fruit. eos Lip Balm in Sweet Mint $2.99  Photo Apr 04, 2 23 05 PM

7) Tide To Go – If you’re like me you’re bad at wearing white because you spill something on it almost every time you wear it. I carry this around with me to help my clothes stay clean and it’s pretty effective! Tide To Go Pen Mini $2.99Photo Apr 04, 2 23 11 PM

8) Matches – You never know when you may need some. I’m not a smoker but they’re good to have handy in case of an impromptu bonfire or a candle burns out. My boyfriend likes a cigar every now and then so having these on me helps him out too. Note: never light a cigar with a lighter… just don’t do it. These matches I got from my favorite bar in Chatham: The Squire. I like having little memorabilia from my favorite spots. You can do the same! Just grab some on your way out if they have a bowl out for the taking.Photo Apr 04, 2 23 17 PM

9) Hand Lotion – Having some hand lotion is always a must. My hands get dry every now and then in the colder months. This French Vanilla scent is also great to freshen up on the go. I bought this one at Target on clearance and it has been discontinued but Target has some other great options. Find the best that works for youPhoto Apr 04, 2 23 27 PM

10)  Sunscreen – I keep this mini Nuetrogena sunscreen handy in the Spring and Summer months in case I find myself sitting outside in the sun and I haven’t put sunscreen on. I can quickly put this on my face for protection. Healthy Defense Daily Moisturizer with Sunscreen SPF 30 (full size) $13.99 Photo Apr 04, 2 23 34 PM

11) Coasters – Eric and I visit a lot of bars and breweries tasting craft beer. We are beer connoisseurs and like to collect coasters from new places we try. Those usually end up in my purse and live there for a little while until they make our coffee table at home. This one is from High Horse, a brew pub in Amherst, MA. Loved their atmosphere and their beer! Photo Apr 04, 2 23 41 PM


xoxo, Erika


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