7 Favorites for Spring

I’m so excited that Spring is here! Although this winter in Connecticut hasn’t been the worst on record, it still has been pretty cold and I’m getting slightly tired of having to wear my Bean Boots all the time. I’m ready to bust out my favorites for Spring. But alas, on the first day of Spring it SNOWED 2 inches! So these items in my closet will just have to taunt me until it’s warm enough to rock them outside. Here’s 7 things I’m “Lynn Love” with for Spring!Lilly 1

  1. Lilly 2Lilly Shifts – Seriously I can never have enough of these. They are so flattering on every body type and the colors are to die for. They are so comfortable but extremely classy. Here’s the newest addition to my closet. I got an amazing deal on this one in Newport. Hint: It pays to shop in summer boutiques in February!
  2. Sperrys – I absolutely LIVE in these shoes all Spring and Summer. They are perfect for me at work and when I need to quickly throw a pair of shoes on to go for a walk or the grocery store. I don’t sail but I can still look the part!Sperry
  3. MahiMahi Gold – These jersey dresses are some of my favorite staples in the Spring. Mahi is based in Chatham, MA on Cape Cod where I have spent most of my life. Their fabulous patterns and colors rival Lilly with their fun flare and preppy look. Try one on and you’ll agree. These are always tucked away with me when going to Chatham. Definitely my Cape Cod uniform!
  4. Kiel James Patrick – I was a little late to the game on Kiel’s products but I followed him and his wife Sarah on social media admiring their fabulously preppy lifestyle. I was so excited when I found out he produced a line of accessories. I got a gift card for Christmas and bought a couple of items that I wear almost everyday. They go so well with my Cape Cod bracelet. Now I’m reppin’ the Cape and Newport. Two of my favorite coastal towns
  5. Crew shorts – Okay it may look like I have a lot of these… and well, I do. But that’s only because I wear these almost everyday (once it gets warm enough). The colors are so irresistible! The fit is perfect especially the length. I’m pretty tall so sometimes shorts look a little hoochy. But not these! They also make a summer outfit look more put together than wearing cutoff jean shorts. I tend to save those for the beach over my suit. I ordered one more color for this season – Nantucket Red!Crew Shorts
  6. Rainbow Sandals – I wouldn’t be bi-coastal me if I didn’t have a West Coast item on this list. I absolutely love Rainbow Sandals. They conform to your foot after you wear them a few times making them extremely comfortable. A few years ago I was able to go to their factory store in San Clemente, CA and got a pink pair! I’m sure there will be more to come to my closet this summer.
  7. Sunscreen – This may not be prep gear but it’s an essential for me in thSunscreene upcoming warmer months. My skin is very sensitive so the sun can irritate it easily. But, sunscreen is so important for everyone, not just people like me. Being able to lay out in the sun is getting so close! I’m definitely not going to be skimping on this.Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 7.56.07 PM

There you have it, my 7 favorites for Spring. I cannot wait until I can put my boots and sweaters away and live in these! I would love to hear what you love to wear this time of year. Send me yours! 

xoxo, Erika

20 Random Facts

Hi everyone my name is Erika, welcome to my blog! In an attempt to introduce myself, here are 20 random facts about me. This will also give you an idea of what kind of things you should expect when you come visit my blog.20 Things

  1. I am a New England girl. I grew up in Massachusetts and I currently live in Connecticut for work but I spent a lot of time in California. Living in San Francisco and having family in So Cal. My style and personality is influenced by both. I’m definitely bi-coastal.
  2. Even though I grew up in MA, I don’t have the accent. Sorry to disappoint!
  3. I love, love, love to travel! I’ve been to a lot of major cities domestically and internationally. Here’s a little list: Boston (duh), NYC, Philadelphia, Miami, Las Vegas, San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angels, Montreal, Paris, Dublin, London, Munich, Barcelona and Milan (coming soon!) just to name a few. I would love to take an island vacation one day like St. Martin, the Caribbean or Turks and Cacaos.IMG_1910
  4. One of my favorite things to do is cook. I’ve taken cooking classes for fun to learn more techniques and I try a lot of different kinds of recipes. My boyfriend reaps the benefits being my guinea pig.
  5. I mentioned above I have a boyfriend. His name is Eric. Yes, we’re Eric and Erika. Super cute! Eric is my best friend and the most important thing to me. We do everything together including all our traveling adventures. We love taking small weekend trips to Philly or NYC visiting friends and family. We’ve been together almost 4 years now.FullSizeRender
  6. I love fashion. My closet is jammed PACKED full of everything and anything. My style is pretty preppy but I can get glam when I want to. Some of my go-to retailers are Anthropologie (love their home goods as well), J Crew, Vineyard Vines and anything Lilly Pulitzer. I also love shopping at smaller, unknown designer boutiques – one of my favorites being Mahi Gold based in Chatham, MA.
  7. I am a big sports fan. Judging by the above content that might sound surprising but it’s true! I am a big Red Sox fan. I also love watching golf, tennis and football (or soccer as only Americans call it).
  8. I am a media professional but I was a Pre-Law/Politics major at the University of San Francisco (Go Dons!).
  9. I did ballet for a very long time. Started when I was 5 and took classes through college. I would love to learn Pointe (never got the chance) but its been tough trying to find adult beginner Pointe classes. Sigh.
  10. Strange but true – I hate peanut butter. Yes, I know. I want to like it because it’s a great healthy snack, but the taste and the texture… yuck! The worst is when I smell it on someone’s breath. Not good. (Other condiments I don’t like: mayo, ketchup, blue cheese dressing)
  11. … on the opposite end of that I love cheese! All kinds. I love making cheese plates for girls’ night at my house. I love all the different combinations and how rustic they look when they’re complete.
  12. My middle name is Lynn. So I’m Erika Lynn!
  13. I love music. I’ve been to so many concerts it’s hard to count. My favorite is Indie/Alt Rock, but in high school I loved heavy metal! I still listen to it at the gym sometimes. One of my favorite bands is the Decemberists. I also dabble with the guitar and piano but I’m definitely not ready for any open mic nights… yet!
  14. I didn’t like coffee until a couple of years ago. Now I look forward to a nice French press or pour over at home. It’s so relaxing. I take mine black! Two of my favorite brands are La Colombe (based in Philly) and Blue Bottle (based in San Francisco).IMG_3628
  15. I really like TV and movies. I’m more into TV at the moment just because of all the amazing shows and performances that are out there. Some of my favorites include Breaking Bad, House of Cards, Mr. Robot, Silicon Valley, John Oliver… and the list goes on and on.
  16. I have zero tattoos and my only piercing I have is one on both my ears. Yawn… I know.
  17. I try to stay fit so I’ve been ramping it up going 5 days per week at the gym. I do a lot of yoga and spinning. I really don’t like running so spinning is a good option (although I do run 2 miles twice a week)
  18. I am definitely a dog person! Eric and I don’t have one yet but we love poodles and Logottos. Obviously soft and fluffy is what we’re going for in a dog.
  19. My favorite flower is a hydrangea. The colors I love. It represents one of my favorite places in the whole world Cape Cod (I used to live there and basically grew up there). IMG_3127
  20. I work in TV but my passion is writing. I would love to work for a newspaper again. But since I don’t I thought this blog would be a great way for me to continue writing.

I’d love to get to know you too! Tell me a random fact about you!

xoxo, Erika